Classic Car Playing Card Set, Restored
Classic Car Playing Card Set, Restored

Classic Car Playing Card Set, Restored

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Classic Car Themed Playing Card Box With Original Packaging

Manufactured in the 80's, this is one of many classic car themed playing card boxes to survive the decades. This set includes two full decks of playing cards that both have a more colorful picture of the classic car you see on the lid--a handsome alloy cutout with a brassy finish. The box itself is absolutely gorgeous. Its grains shimmer from end to end both inside and out. So while the packaging may show its age, the box does not. 

Read beyond the item dimensions to learn how this item was restored. 

Approximately: 6 x 4.5 x 1.8" at 8.6 oz

NOTES FROM CURIOSTAR: The playing cards, although complete, do show minor signs of use. Also, this item has suffered passive water damage, slightly throwing the lid off balance, so this does not close 100% of the way. However, since the closure is not flush with the lid's trim, this is not very noticeable. 

**This is a CurioStar Restored Item!**

Decades had not only applied scratches and blemishes to the box, but its overall shine and shimmer faded. After removal, I performed a light power brush of the classic car emblem so that it pops in contrast. I them disassembled the box and performed a thorough sanding, later applying a thin layer of matching stain and clear poly. This allowed the wood to shimmer brilliantly more than it did after being manufactured. 

Total Restoration Time: 5.5 Hours
Restoration Rate: 98%

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