Eastern Candlesticks From Andrea by Sadek
Eastern Candlesticks From Andrea by Sadek

Eastern Candlesticks From Andrea by Sadek

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For nearly a century, Andrea by Sadek (names after Charle's Sadek's daughter) has produced some of the most intriguing home goods that remain in fine shape today. With signed artisans in Italy, Brazil and Canada they are able to deliver a wide range of styles, like this pair of striking candlestick holders.

Each stick is almost 9" tall and feature Eastern inspired designs that are colorful, but not imposing. Each taper from the bottom up and are composed of a dense and durable ceramic material. These low-key pieces are an excellent choice for bright spaces and would look stunning paired with other Eastern pieces for an ensemble, especially among reds.

Approximately: 3.6 x 8.5" /e , at 11 oz/e

Notes From CurioStar: This is a CurioStar restored item. The original protective coating had endured some manner of chemical mishap (probably put in a dishwasher). After providing a deep clean, we applied a glossy protective coating. Remains in vintage condition, with various low-key imperfections.

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