You Have Questions, I Have Answers!

You Have Questions, I Have Answers!

Here, I will try to answer some of the more Common and Critical Questions you may have about my unique shop. Of course, feel free to message me at any time if you don't find needed information. You can contact me at [email protected] or through Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy. 

Q. Are your items clean?

A. Very! Aside from using our unique cleaning process and proprietary solution for delicates, everything is as clean as possible, as well as sanitized.

Q. What if I don't like the item I bought?

A. We do accept returns on select items, however the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and the items must be in the condition it was shipped in. We photograph every item before it is packaged. Depending on the item [there are very few] we retain a 10% restocking fee.

Q. What are 'Notes from 'CurioStar'?

A. Our promise to you: we will be forthcoming in our product descriptions about any observable damage or misprints beyond what one might find in antiques and vintage goods. We also attempt to photograph these imperfections. So, if near the end of a listing description you see 'Notes From CurioStar' it means there is more information about the item we would like you to know about. 

Further, we do as much research as possible for our vintage items, but vintage/antique goods can come from all over the world, from any time period. If we have Severely misrepresented an item, please contact us.

Q. What happens if my item arrives broken or damaged?

A. Please, immediately photograph both  Exterior and Interior packaging and the item itself. Send that content to me and I will take it from there. Retain ALL packaging and items until instructed otherwise.

Q. What Are Your Free Shipping Policies?

A. Many of our items are selected for Free Shipping to save you money as shipping prices fluctuate. Any item or order marked for Free Shipping is sent using the most the standard shipping option. Any upgrades to a Free Shipping item are reduced to standard. Contact us if you need an item expedited, so that we may appropriately adjust the price.

Q. Are all of your items Restored pieces?

A. Not quite. We are leaning toward a 'restored only' shop but until then, items may be Altered, Restored, or Augmented and you can find this at the bottom of those specific listings. However, we do our best to clean every piece that comes through.

Q. Are you a Professional Restoration Artist?

A. No, but I am experienced and still learning, and would never put for sale a restored or altered piece if I wouldn't be willing to buy it myself--and I am quite the picky shopper! However, my product images should display any areas of a restored or altered piece that would not be to your liking. More images and descriptions of any of these items are available upon request. 


Q. There are other, new items for sale. Are these vintage goods, too?

A. I have partnered with one or more artists to help create home goods made on-demand and produced and shipped by a third party. Those images and designs are NOT AI generated. They are images of real canvas artwork from Colorado artists. Some of them may be altered using computer imaging. This information is true for all items in the True Art section of the shop. I take time to upscale those images and develop them into something tasteful.

Q. What is DHC Merch?

A. CurioStar sponsors the Denver Horror Collective: A large community of Horror writers and creators. Those items are also made-to-order and are specific to the Denver Horror Collective Itself. However, there may be some products that display AI or Third Party artwork to which CurioStar has the license to use. 

Q. Are these Made-to-Order Items Refundable/Returnable?

A. Not entirely. Made-to-Order goods from CurioStar are not eligible for remorse return. However, we do take responsibility should an item arrive damaged, or Severely different than what you expected. In any event, I encourage you to reach out to me if you are not satisfied with your order. 

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Upcoming Changes to CurioStar Shop

Upcoming Changes to CurioStar Shop

                                         Good February, Everyone!

For the rest of the year, this store will continue to operate under the 'CurioGuild' domain address, but changes are underway. The first being is the types of items one can find in the shop. We will be moving away from things such as Vintage Plates, Porcelain Knick-Knacks, and items such as Homco figurines. These items will be moved to the 'Closeout' category and we may be adding more of those items until they empty from our inventory. 

These items will be given a CLOSEOUT price and shipping will be included and you can find them here: CLOSEOUT SALE

The shop will moving forward with items related to wood, signature pieces found from history and other home goods that will be restored in our workshop. You can also look forward to items that have been altered or augmented to be something else entirely. Keep an eye on our shops for something that will pique your CURIOsity.  

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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A New Year For CurioStar!

A New Year For CurioStar!

2021 was an interesting and busy year for us, at CurioStar. 

For those that do not know, we started as 'the Curio Guild', however myself and the other owner were just living too far apart to properly manage, so we split and are now working on our own separate ventures. For the time being, our shop will remain ''. 

We will continue to offer exciting and unique items to our shop, and provide the kind of transparency and honest one would wish to expect from any American business, large or small. As we continue to offer vintage products, you'll notice a fairer selection of niche' items. And when it comes to new products, we will always strive to source from suppliers that ship from within the U.S.A. 

On the right side of our shop, you'll notice a 'Comments' tab. We encourage anyone and everyone to tap/click on this, and let us know how our website is looking, and what we can do to improve it. This is a one-man show over here, but I won't stop trying to make this shop the best it can be. 

More insights to come as we cross into the new year. Thank you to everyone that has chosen to support the CurioStar, its Guild, and choosing to shop sustainably. I sincerely wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!
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