Vintage Makeshift Luggage Storage Box
Vintage Makeshift Luggage Storage Box

Vintage Makeshift Luggage Storage Box

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Novelty Display Box, With Specified Storage

Crafted with dyed balsa wood, this miniature luggage piece doubles as a rustic decor piece. The exterior displays a rich wine-color, wrapped in aged faux leather straps with brass pin accents. The interior is a uniform color with various areas of storage for smoking paraphernalia, crafted with reclaimed balsa wood units. This makes for an excellent novelty gift specifically designed to be personalized with stickers, pins or artwork (hence the uniform colors). 

Read below the item dimensions to learn how this item was restored and transformed. 

Notes From CurioStar: Although altered, this item remains to be in vintage condition, with various imperfections. This item is considered as NOVELTY DISPLAY/USE, and NOT meant to safely store or transport any item or substance. This piece is very lightweight, so handle with care.  

Approximately: 7.8 x 5.2 x 3" at 9.2 oz

** This is a CurioStar Altered Item! **

This particular piece started its life as an inexpensive, mass produced curio box and lost its color and structure along the decades. My social media followers voted to transform the simple box into a smoking paraphernalia box. While I'm not a practiced crafter, I thought this to be a creative way to reuse this piece. I started by lightly sanding the interior/exterior, followed by a reconditioning of the faux leather. After polishing the brass hardware I used acrylic to paint it a uniform wine color, so that personalization stand out. The units placed inside were meant for various spoking paraphernalia with ample storage. Because I am not a crafter, the price has been reflected as a novelty gift piece.

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