Wood Carved Noise Maker Vintage with Hand Made Display
Wood Carved Noise Maker Vintage with Hand Made Display

Wood Carved Noise Maker Vintage with Hand Made Display

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(3) Piece Wood Sound Maker with Curious Bell Design Accompanied by Display

There is some confusion as to what these baubles truly are. Some claim they are Livestock Bells while others point the origin to Africa or Asia and used to ward evil. This curious piece has an adorned bell shape with two hinged arms. When shaken by holding the pointed end, it makes a quick, loud clapping noise. Wherever its from, or whatever it was for, it can certainly make a lot of noise. We are going to add to the confusion, and say it was made for celebrations...or to scare away animals? Either way, this is sure to be one of those neat décor pieces your guests will definitely notice and want to handle.

Approximately: (Noisemaker: 2.6 x 3.6 x 1) (On Base: 5.4 x 3 x 7) weighing together at 3.1 oz

*This is a CurioStar Restored/Augmented Item!**

Some of the wood, while very well carved and coated, did require some deep cleaning and polishing. After that we thought, 'Where would someone put this?'. So, we crafted a base from scrap balsa wood with an accompanying pole that fits perfectly within the cavity of the vintage piece. Both were painted with contrasting colors and given a protective glaze. You now can display this piece in many spaces and easily lift it from the display pole!

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