Upcoming Changes to CurioStar Shop

Upcoming Changes to CurioStar Shop

                                         Good February, Everyone!

For the rest of the year, this store will continue to operate under the 'CurioGuild' domain address, but changes are underway. The first being is the types of items one can find in the shop. We will be moving away from things such as Vintage Plates, Porcelain Knick-Knacks, and items such as Homco figurines. These items will be moved to the 'Closeout' category and we may be adding more of those items until they empty from our inventory. 

These items will be given a CLOSEOUT price and shipping will be included and you can find them here: CLOSEOUT SALE

The shop will moving forward with items related to wood, signature pieces found from history and other home goods that will be restored in our workshop. You can also look forward to items that have been altered or augmented to be something else entirely. Keep an eye on our shops for something that will pique your CURIOsity.  

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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Billy and Reese's...A Look Into Collecting

Previously, we briefly looked into why we collect things and it was just a quick eye-opener and a reminder to ask ourselves ‘why do I want this’ versus ‘why would I need this’. It was all a little boring, really. 

This week, CurioStar delves into ‘How to Collect’. Like eating a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, there’s almost no wrong way to collect...but if you’ve got 1000 Reese’s wrappers strewn about the house, then it certainly becomes a problem...

Hoarding is a word that comes to mind when you’re on the outside looking in on someone that loves to collect items. Stamps might not be a big issue because they’re so tiny, yeah? Well, think again...

There are two types of collection avenues: Finite, and Infinite

Finite Collections include things like a 12 piece limited edition set of cups from McDonalds or Burger King. Once you collect all twelve cups, that’s it. Infinite collections include items such as stamps, playing cards, or Hot Wheels. Those never stop being produced.

For Finite items, a whole set will indeed be worth something to another collector later down the road. The process for properly collecting Finite items is simple, but often overlooked. 

Step 1. Attain the goods at your own pace

Step 2. Store them somewhere safe, away from direct sunlight, smoke and dust. Shadow boxes are a collector’s best friend, and they serve as ice breakers or conversation pieces for guests…Even if you collect and for some reason display a fancy set of adult toys. 

Step 3. If your collectibles are not on display, store them somewhere easily accessible. This last one is important because we are fleshy and perishable creatures, and will likely forget all about them for decades. 

At some point with these Finite things, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Have I been fulfilled by this?’. If the answer is yes, then it is time to find them a new home if they won’t be passed down. Spoiler alert: your Finite collection will indeed find a new home after you pass. So, its best to gain something from them, be it appreciation or money. 

Things get tricky when it comes to Infinite collections. When I was just a bit younger I owned a Tegu—an adorable lizard that started out no larger than a gecko. Years later, it grew and grew to the size of a Chihuahua and would continue to grow to the size of a Labrador. I had no place for the precious fellah and would have had to feed it small animals and children. I was naïve, and had to surrender it to a new home. 

Infinite collections, even if cared for properly, can grow to unexpected levels. Action figures are among the largest baubles that can overrun a living space, turning away potential mates from those hopeful weekends at the pub. 

So…how do we control this and still feel proud about the things we’ve managed to hunt down over years and years?

There is the option of turning an Infinite Collection into groups of Finite Collections. For example, say little Billy has 300 actions figures. He has the entire (100) piece set of the Power Rangers 90’s Edition: (100) piece set of the entire Barbie Army production from the 80’s (don’t judge Billy): and the remaining (100) are a mix of other figures. 

What little Billy could do is preserve the memory of his two completed collections by flooding his social media pages with pictures and immortalizing the accomplishment. After that, they can find a new home and Billy can expand upon that remaining (100) mix. 

It is important to understand early on what Infinite collections are and that those pieces usually don’t assume worth well until people like Billy are dead. We collect to accomplish something and for some it means leaving behind a legacy. Your legacy doesn’t mean much when your kids need to spend three weeks clearing out your post-mortem hoard. That legacy will mean just as much in the form of photographs, videos and other recorded sojourns. 

It should be enough to say, ‘I spent years pulling all of these things together from all over the world’.

We hope this brief examination into little Billy has opened up some options and avenues to both control a growing collection or maintain one that seems like it is getting out of control. Comment on the blog or reach out if you have further thoughts or questions like, ‘Where can I sell this Collection?’, ‘What is the best way to store this set?’, or 'Did Billy ever find love?'. 

I end this post with a factoid for all the Stickermule and Stimulus buddies: 

A group of strange people put together the largest Sticker Ball in the World back in Nov. 11th of 2020 and it weighed over 300 pounds. 
No, we don’t know why all those poor stickers were assembled in a large useless ball, but Billy might know.  

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